Lip Factory Inc. May 2014 Box Review

Hello Readers ❤

Today I got my first Lip Factory box. This is my May box, which I am getting late because of a shipping issue, however, the service was great when I was sorting this out. For those who aren’t aware Lip Factory is a subscription box company that sends 4-5 full sized (and sometimes sample sized) beauty products of various indie, drugstore and higher end brands for $30 CND. In these boxes you receive a higher value of products then what you paid for, so you gain by trying out new brands at a bargain. I am very excited to be a Lip Factory  subscriber because every four months they send out a box of just lip products. I love every kind of lip product and I am super excited to try new brands of lip gloss which is my favorite lip product.

Now on to the review:


This was my first look, and honestly it wasn’t a surprise because I had seen many other reviews and knew what to expect. Don’t get me wrong though because I wasn’t any less excited, if anything I was more on edge. One reason I decided to subscribe to Lip Factory was to get Teeez products and I got one in my first box in my favorite product (lip gloss). This box was already a win for me. Everything else was just cherries on top.

The theme for this box was “Spring has sprung” and I have to say the products really spoke to it. All the colors are bright, and the make-up I got are basics to create an almost natural look (nothing was outrageous or extreme). All the items I got are usable, fun and well suited to my skin tone.

Now the products:

NCLA: Nail Wraps $16

I have two things to say on this products: I love nail polish, and have never tried nail wraps. I am excited too, but I am a little worried that I’ll mess it up. Luckily though they send more then one set of stick on’s. I was also worried I would get a weird pattern, or worse a boring color. I am super happy with my multi and unique, pastel / metallic patterned wraps. Overall, I can’t wait to try them and will have to get back to you on how I do.

There is one thing I need to comment on though. The package for the nail wraps are slightly too long for the Lip Factory box so they folded the top (maybe you can see the crease in the image). I am unhappy with this because it looks like the fold effects some of the nail wraps and I would hate to have them not stick because of it.

MeMeMe Cosmetics: Blush Me! boxed blush $14.25 in Pink

I’ve heard about this brand, and honestly I think getting a blush from them is a best first product because I hear they have great blushes; and know I know they do. This blush comes in a beautiful box with a super soft brush. I prefer round brushes for my blush but it is so soft I don’t think I would want to use it for anything but petting. Only downside to the pretty box is that it isn’t travel friendly. The color itself is soft, super pigmented and a true pink. I had hoped for the coral as I was worried the pink would be too bright,  but it isn’t and I am so glad I got this color. It’s perfect for rosy, spring looks.

Pari Beauty: Lipstick $12 in Ballet Flats

I had never tried a Pari product before, but I am happy with it, and super excited about the color I got. Ballet Flats is a soft, frosted pink. It goes on sheer but builds up to its solid color quickly, and it feels very moisturizing with its creamy texture.

Medusa’s Makeup: Eyeshadow $8 in Midnight Oil


Midnight Oil is the perfect light blue shade without being overpowering (which is just how I find light blue shadows). It’s super sparkly which I love, and nicely pigmented. Also, a strange coincidence but this shade also matched the blue in the dress I was wearing when I opened my box. I think that’s the universe saying this blue is for you. Another great thing about the color, it isn’t dark enough to look like a bruise. So now I can’t wait to use this the next time I wear my blue maxi dress.

The only thing is that the plastic cover fell out when I opened the shadow, and it doesn’t really clip back in. I’m going to hot glue it back in, so it’s not that big of a deal.

Teeez Trendy Cosmetics: Golden Glow Lip Gloss $18 in Roaming Mauve 


I saved my favorite for last. Like I mentioned above I wanted to try Teeez and call me shallow but it’s mostly because I love the packaging. However, I think packaging is an important part of marketing therefore an important part of the product as well, because if the packaging is lovely a cheap product will be overlooked to some degrees. Now Teeez has some of the prettiest packaging I have ever seen, on both the box and the product container. So I am glad that the lip gloss is also great. Before I talk about the gloss one more note on the packaging. A little quote awaits you as a surprise on the inside of the top flap, OMG I love Teeez.

Now the gloss, just as the box says is hydrating and non-sticky. Now it looks sticky, but it’s just a thick texture because of it’s super moisturizing formula. However, it goes on smooth and stays moist for quite a while. The color is a true mauve, but the gold flecks of sparkle make it seem slightly more nude/ brown toned. So as my lips are naturally pigmented this shade only enhances with a light coloring effect. The shine is great because of the sparkle, which I love.

There is one thing I find difficult about this product and that is the application. The bronze cap (in the image above) is all you get for maneuvering the wand, which makes it a little difficult because there is only enough space for fingertips to grab hold. So my first critique is that the cap is too short. On the plus side though that means there is lots of room left for bottle space thus more product. Next the applicator, which is a soft hair brush, and also very petite. It’s thin and doesn’t fan out so you need to run over your lips with it multiple times to get the color everywhere. It feels like I am painting with a tiny brush. Honestly though I can’t be  too hung up on this though because I know in Teeez’s new beauty line (I really want to try these) their lip gloss has a longer cap and a doe foot applicator. If anything I’m so happy because it looks like they listen to reviews and improved because of it. This makes me think Teeez will be around for awhile and I would love more of their products. The only thing is now that they are marketing with subscription services they need a retailer, or online store, because (and this is just a Teeez company complaint, nothing against the products here) you can not find them for purchase anywhere. Not even their website which makes me think this Netherlands company is very local and just starting to branch out (which I am excited for once more).


I am super happy with my box which had a $68.25 value overall. Now I think I really got what I paid for since all the products are usable for me. So I am very happy and I can’t wait for my next box.

Lastly here is my referral number as it would be appreciated if you used it (if you subscribed because of my review): 386680


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