Nabokov Quote

“there was in her a garden and a twilight”

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov


Hello Readers ❤

Today I bring you a quote from one of my favorite novels, and it is one of my favorite lines in the book. One could easily read over it as it’s just another metaphor among many, but I like it because of the statement it makes all on it’s own out of context. It is still very deep (and when I first read it it really left me thinking). At least it seems so when I read it, probably because of my own attachments. However, I see this phrase as the circle of life itself. It’s pointing out all the possibilities one has in their life. The garden is reference to the blossoming a person must forgo to find themselves. It’s the life. Twilight, I believe, is death, but also the shadows we all carry within us. I think this phrase captures the struggle of human nature between morality and our inner darkness.  It’s also a journey gone full circle: and by this I mean we all have this potential for these experiences in our lives.

I like how this quote is used in Lolita because it is a realization of our own humanity in another being. I think it’s perfect in Lolita which is a tale of dark romance, the sin of temptation and the struggle we all face to just live with our imperfections.

You might noticed an inspiration of this quote sits atop my header, and that is because this is what you will find in my blog: my life and my shadows.

Imaginary Penny For Your Thoughts

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