Ipsy MyGlam Bag June 2014 Review

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This review is a little late as I got my bag yesterday. This is my first Ipsy bag and of course I peaked in my Glam Room (which shows you what you got in your bag). I knew I liked everything I got but I was even more happy with it once I got to try out the products.

For those who don’t know Ipsy is a subscription service that sends a mix of full sized products and sample sized products (usually more of these though) in a make-up bag for $10 USD. It comes up to $17 CND and even though I loved my bag, it depends on how good the next few are if I want to keep it. I like that Ipsy actually sends you a cute travel sized make-up bag to hold your products. I also like the type of brands they send out compared to Birchbox, or Glossybox which are similar. So I hope I will love Ipsy and get to continue with it.

Now on to the review:





Ipsy arrives in a neon pink envelope and in it is your glam bag. This months theme was “Pretty in Paradise” and the months bag was designed by Rebecca Minkoff for Ipsy. It’s a sleek, synthetic and water proof material with red zipper and lining. Pineapple tree’s are the main design. Honestly I wasn’t expecting such a well made bag, I just love it, the design is inspiring and the quality is fantastic. You can really see it in the zipper, which is not cheap at all. I already put this bag to use: it holds all  my lip gloss that I want to keep in  my purse. So instead of digging around the bottom of my bag I can grab it easy. And yes I keep many (more than five) kinds of gloss in my purse at a time because I like variety.

Realtree for Her perfume sample


Now the first item I pulled out was the Realtree perfume sample and I knew as soon as I saw it in my glam room that this would go right to my sister. I am very sensitive to scents and this is very strong and floral. I do like the woodsy undertones because that is the kind of perfume I can wear. However the floral scents are just too overpowering for this to be good for me. One last thing about the pump, it is cheaply made and barely works. This might not be a bad thing as this is a sample, but it doesn’t give anything to the product, or brand. Also as this is a sample there is no price for it, but the full sized bottle goes for $24.99 USD.

Nyx Butter Gloss $5 in Eclair 



Firstly, I apologize for the bad image, but this was the best out of six; my camera just wasn’t working with me. Now I don’t think there are many who haven’t heard of the Butter Gloss by Nyx, but if you haven’t just go buy one. They are super moisturizing, with a creamy but not sticky formula, pigmented nicely and there are 22 shades divided into a summer and winter collection.  Also they all smell sweet like a mix between cake batter and vanilla. I had just heard about these and had hoped I would get lucky by getting one in a subscription box and I totally did. Though this wasn’t my first butter gloss because as soon as I knew what colors they would be giving  out (Eclair, Creme Brulee and Apple Strudel) I allowed myself to buy some in other shades. I just couldn’t wait to try them. Now, they are hard to find in Canada, but the two main retailers are London Drugs which is only in western Canada, and Target. I currently have Peaches and Cream, Maple Blondie, Creme Brulee (got this one after my bag arrived because I needed a good nude), Peach Cobbler, Cherry Cheesecake and my Eclair from Ipsy. Seriously people for a drugstore brand this is top notch.  I can’t wait for fall to roll around so I can buy from the winter collection.

Though aside from bragging I should actually review the product. Eclair, is a soft shade of  pink, but bright in that it is cool toned and pops on the lips. Now this isn’t the most pigmented of the butter gloss shades, but it gives a lovely rosy glaze. The applicator is a doe foot and it surprisingly holds a lot of the gloss, as it “sticks” to the applicator since it’s so creamy. I rarely have to double dip for full coverage. The gloss itself is not sticky, it does stay moist on your lips for quite a few hours and the color also stays.  So once more just buy one, I think this is the product every girl/women must have for their purse.

Carol’s Daughter Sacred Tiare Styling Creme sample 



Now, the Butter Gloss might have been my most anticipated product but this is what I am most glad to have received. This styling creme is supposed to be used on damp hair as a heat-protector while killing frizz. I was happy that I got this out of the other hair product samples because I have just gotten a short pixie cut and the other products probably wouldn’t have gotten used. Now that I blow dry my hair more to tussle it , I tried this out right  away and I was just blown away. It is super light weight and you don’t need much (well I don’t since I don’t have much hair) and the smell is amazing! It has coconut oil and moringa seed oil. If you don’t know moringa is a flower and is used by The Body Shop. Otherwise I hadn’t seen it used elsewhere and personally I love it. It gives the creme a sweet, floral scent that isn’t too overpowering, but you can definitely enjoy it when you’re fussing it in. The only thing is the sample is so small… well I just need to go buy more. Which I will, and I think I am going to try other products from this brand as they all look amazing after checking out the website. Interesting note, this hair line is designed with African-American girls in mind, so it is designed for curly hair and I do have curls, or I will once they grow out. Once more though no price on this sample, but the full product goes for $12 USD.

Nicka K New York Shimmer Eyeliner $4.99 in Blue




There was another eyeliner by Jesse’s Girl available, but I was so glad that I got this one. I like colorful eyeliners, though I do use black liner almost religiously, I like options for experimentation. Also the formula for this is amazing. Like really amazing. The color is bright and shimmery, but it also dries super fast and doesn’t fade, bleed out or smudge. Best of all is the applicator, it’s stiff so you don’t get smudges when applying and it is super easy to make a straight line (which is hard for me). Now this is a full product, but I seriously had to wonder because it is on the small side, but for $5 what else should I expect? My only other complaint is that the plastic of the bottle looks different then the image on the website. The websites image makes the bottle seems clear with the shimmer glitter looking through, or at least more sparkle on the bottle itself. Instead it is just sort of blue and a cheap plastic to boot. However, I definitely will be buying other colors.

OFRA Universal Eyebrow Pencil $13



I don’t use eyebrow pencil’s but it was super fun trying something new and I actually sort of liked it. I need to buy a sharpener but I plan on using this more then once. It goes on dark and pigmented, and might smudge a little it you touch it like I did when my eyebrow itched. It was easy to wash off which I find nice. The only thing is the color is “universal” meaning for all skin types and hair tones…. but it is clearly very dark, and almost was too dark on me and I’m a brunette. So I don’t know if they should be advertising the pencil this way, unless that black and ultra thick look is more in then I thought.


I loved my first bag and everything I got in it. The perfume isn’t for me, but I had no expectations and the other items are so great I don’t mind having a useless item. Everything matched my skin tone (though I know the eyebrow pencil didn’t for some) and all the products were fun and colorful. The theme as I mentioned was “Pretty in Paradise” and the products you got were supposed to help make a beach look which I think this bag accomplished. The overall amount this bag came out to was $23 USD and that doesn’t include the samples. Now that is double the amount you would pay if you were in the US, but for me all the way up north it’s not that good a deal in subscription terms. Now if every bag was awesome and usable like this one, then I wouldn’t mind, but I don’t have such high expectations. So if I find I’m getting items/products I can’t really use it wouldn’t be worth the price I pay with Canadian shipping.

Lastly I leave you with my referral link as it would be much appreciated. Check out Ipsy.


3 thoughts on “Ipsy MyGlam Bag June 2014 Review

  1. You got the blue Shimmer Eyeliner!! I got the green one. While not the color I wanted, I was pretty pleased with the product. 🙂 I had the same concern about the less than honest representation on their website. But at least it looks/works well!

    ~East Coast

    • That’s true the representation did leave me wondering, but can’t complain since the product holds up. And though I would have been fine with either colour I actually wanted the green and still might buy it. Is it a decent shade?

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