Lip Monthly June 2014 Review

Hello Readers ❤

I just got my first Lip Monthly box, and we need to discuss…. If you know subscription boxes you have probably heard of this new lippy box and most things probably weren’t the best. Now here is where I want to defend them. Lip Monthly is a new service and made some mistakes with their first box, but I liked what they are about so I subscribed nonetheless because I believe you need to give people second chances. The issues they had with shipping have been fixed for this month and they are listening to their customers. So in terms of the business I think they are on the right track. The only issue, which isn’t really an issue because nothing is actually wrong with them, is the products. The products themselves are just mediocre, and this box was sadly a bit of disappointment in my opinion. I will go into detail below.

Firstly, let me introduce Lip Monthly for those who are new to it. They are a new service that sends out a monthly box dedicated to lips, with a surprise mix-up item to keep things fresh. The box is $10 USD so I had assumed $15 CND but it is actually more like $12.50 CND and for me that is a win. Ipsy isn’t even that cheap, so this really sold me on the service. The only issue is that they seem to be sending out products that are discontinued or older. Which is fine by me if the products are still good. The issue I’m having is their choice of selection that they but in their boxes. Once more you will see below.

On to the review:


This was my first look. The very cute Lip Monthly box and some products that didn’t fit into it are in a white envelope. Much better protected then last month.



One thing Lip Monthly does right is the packaging (and marketing). Isn’t that just the cutest box. It is a little small and everything cannot fit into it, but I don’t care. I am keeping this box for something special.

Now the products:

Lipology: Anti-Feathering Stick



This works like a chubby, but is clear, and meant as a base for your lipstick. It keeps your lipsticks from transferring or smudging. I tried it out and it feels pretty moisturizing. I put the LOL lipstick over top and it did its job well. I think it helped enhance the products quality by keeping it in place as well. So overall this is a good product and a useful one since I don’t own anything like it. I will try this out more with other lipsticks.

LOL Laugh Out Loud: Lipstick in Dance with the Devil 


Lot’s of people have dismissed this as it is so cheap, and it is. The tube is cheap plastic, the formula is also cheap and smells like dollar store brand make-up. Overall it is pretty much play make-up for children, like something bought at Claire’s. However, it still is a bright color with decent staying power, or at least it is with the anti-feathering stick underneath. So this is better than I expected as it doesn’t look cheap (or too cheap) on the lips. Though I can’t see me using this as I would rather use my good lipstick when I decide to wear lipstick.

Essie: Naturally Clean purifying hand treatment


This is essentially hand sanitizer with a moisturizing component. I like sanitizer and use it lots since I worry too much about germs, though it is just something good to have in your purse. So, yeah, this is a nice mix-up item. I don’t really have anything to say about the brand as Essie isn’t my thing. Though it should be noted that this says it is organic and I believe it. You can feel the texture of the aloe (which is the moisturizing component) in the gel of the sanitizer which makes it thicker then other branded sanitizers. What’s bad about this product is that it turned out to be my favourite. Picture this: a lippy box and the best item in it is hand sanitizer… see my problem?

Mary-Kate and Ashley: Lip Foils/ Metallic Lipstick duo in Bali Bronze




I found the lip foils for sale on a wholesale website for $2 USD. They come in three packs of two in various shades. A lavender pink and berry duo called Tropical Sunrise, a frosted  pink and deep red duo called Hibiscus Flower and then Bali Bronze which is the duo I got and includes a coppery nude and a mauve. I hear good things about Mary-Kate and Ashley make-up, and the foils have good reviews, nonetheless I am not excited about them. Or not anymore because I had been psyched for that deep red foil I’ve seen everyone else get in their boxes. I’m upset that I didn’t even get the berry (which I’m assuming was also sent out as a duo option since I got a duo I hadn’t seen reviewed yet, though Hibiscus Flower was the only duo I recall being reviewed for the record). If I can pull of a brown shade it has to be matte. This metallic formula makes a nice color but it is not wearable for my skin tone. I will try it out, though I am not pleased. Now this isn’t anything against the box, as Lip Monthly does not do customization for products, it is just my bad luck of the draw. Though I should note this was going to be that item that made the box a win for me, so this really sucked.

Update: I tried the mauve because the copper is unwearable, and I actually love it. I need a gloss over top for balance, but this really makes a difference. I used a pink gloss and that made the pink tones in the mauve stand out more while muting the brown tones by making them more tangerine because of the gold metallic shimmer. It is bold, bright and summery. It’s still metallic toned, and a statement look, but I love it especially in sunlight.


Only half the products are useful so that is a bit sad, but as I mentioned earlier what is most disappointing is the selection. Going back to their first box it had three different glosses and a mascara. This I guess is all lipstick themed? Why aren’t they mixing it up? I am so sad I didn’t get a gloss, and it really does say a lot when the lone lipstick isn’t up to par. This is supposed to be a lip box so why not get creative? The foils do make the box creative as they are a unique lip product in my opinion but out of two boxes this doesn’t make a good track record. What about liners, balms, chap stick and stains? I know they could still introduce these things, but they should have started with a wide selection to make a strong box of variety to attract more customers. As I mentioned these boxes are mediocre, and this (not that the products are discontinued or older) is what will make me cancel my subscription because the boxes are boring. I will try another box or two to see if they get better because I do think you are getting your money’s worth still. The box can’t be valued because all the products are discontinued but for $12.50 CND you are still trying out new brands for a great price. So here is hoping to a better box next month.

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