Lip Factory Inc. June 2014 Box Review

Hello Readers ❤

I got my Lip Factory box for June a few days ago. I got my last box late as well, but that was a shipping delay. This just seems like when I should expect my box normally because I followed tracking and it went pretty quick. Things just take longer to get out here in the great north I suppose. Well, nothing I can do about it so… on to the review.


I want to say that I wasn’t as excited as last month but that’s only because I had forgotten about some of the items I was expecting based on previous reviews (Lip Factory doesn’t give spoilers/sneak peaks so you need to keep checking for reviews after the box has been sent out if you want to spoil the surprise). For some reason I didn’t think I would be getting the Model Co. lip gloss which of course made for the best surprise ever. Also after reassessing my items  I might not have been as excited but I still love this box and will use everything in it. Lastly, I didn’t get the regular Lip Factory box which is black with red logo/lips. My box was just a brown shipping box and very difficult to open based on its design.


This is where I should note Lip Factory is a subscription service that sends out make-up with a focus on the lips. It comes out to $30 CND and though that might seem pricey it is so worth it for the great products and brands they offer. Last month they had a theme, but this month they do not which sometimes happens with Lip Factory. I don’t get it because I think themes are good marketing tools, but my say isn’t worth 2 cents so… on to the products.

Palladio: Sunscreen for Nails UV Protection Top Coat $6


I never really desire getting top coat as I use my Seche Vite religiously, but it is nice to have. I especially like that this isn’t just top coat, it makes itself useful by going two steps ahead and being sunscreen for my nails. I do sometimes notice my nail color change because of the sun however it is minuscule. Still, doesn’t seem like a bad idea to have something to protect against it. This will be put to use, and I should also note that even though I haven’t tried it yet it has a sweet scent (which I like) and a watery formula (which worries me, unless it works like dry drops). Lastly, I would like to comment on the applicator which is nice and flexible, with a good handle.

29 Cosmetics: Line Maker Lip Pencil $23 in Woody




I didn’t get the color I was expecting but I like it. Woody is a deep and vampy burgundy, so sort of an older women’s color, but I like those vampy shades even if they make me look too pale. Also I paired it with Rimmel Apocolips in Solstice which is a bit mauve-ish and even though it stayed dark, the color was toned down quite a bit. It was so pretty, but I probably shouldn’t have been experimenting right before I went to the pool. It got everywhere. Still was on for a few hours before that and I would say had nice lasting power. It also goes on smooth and almost creamy in a lead pencil kind of way. I wasn’t completely awestruck with the formula so I can’t say if I will buy more from the brand, but I will enjoy having this in my little make-up collection and as a part of my very large lip product collection.

Girlactik Beauty: Star Shadow $19 in Lush




Firstly I love the packaging and color choice, it really is out of this world. Next I love the compact the shadow comes in. It is thin and about half the size of the box but that just makes it cute. Don’t worry about not getting your bucks worth though because even if it isn’t as deep as it seems it is wide and you are getting a lot of color. The only thing is the lip of the compact is stiff when opening so I worry it might snap off.

The color I got, Lush, wasn’t on the website so I will do my best describing it. It’s a red tone, but rosy and soft like a deep pink blush. I like using red toned shadows as accent colors so this works. It is also a super soft shadow, not creamy at all, but neither dusty. It is silky smooth and goes on like satin. It builds up dark but starts light though it is evenly pigmented throughout and applies that way. I am definitely glad Lip Factory added this brand.

Model Co.: Shine Ultra Lip Gloss $16 in Fairy Floss



I know this was sent out by Lip Factory in a previous box from past reviews I have read, however, I am glad at the opportunity to own (and not have to buy) such a great gloss from such a great brand. I don’t mind that Lip Factory repeats sometimes because it is usually only with great products that are loved so much you definitely want refills or back-ups.  Also the time between these repeats is long enough for you to actually get through a product. It also gives new subscribers a chance at something they probably loved in a review and thus subscribed.

The gloss is amazing and as I mentioned above made this box amazing for me. Firstly, the smell. It smells like strawberries. Not that artificial scent that is popular, but fresh picked right off the bush strawberries. I can’t get enough of it. I don’t always like strong scented lip products because if I don’t like the scent it makes the product unbearable, but this is just one thing Model Co. did right. Next I should note that Model Co. has caught the industries eye for being innovative and this is why: they have a mirror on the glosses bottle. I always keep a compact mirror in my purse but most people don’t and I hate looking for the darn thing at the bottom of my purse. This is just genius and everyone needs to make gloss with mirrors attached. The applicator is your average doe foot.

Lastly, I need to talk about color and formula which is where I need to knit-pick a little. Don’t get me wrong though because I still love this gloss and have worn it out the last two days straight since I got it.  But… there’s a but. The formula is a little thick, and feels heavy on my lips. It isn’t sticky but it leaves your lips sticky after it has dried/ been worn off your lips. Fairy Floss is a very nice baby doll pink shade, but it is also very sheer. So because my lips are pigmented I don’t get any color. On me it is a translucent or clear gloss though there is a pink tint to the shine, instead of a nude one like most clear glosses. Still doesn’t stop me from wearing it, and honestly I knew this would happen if I got this color, and had been hoping for a deeper shade. Nonetheless, love it and hell it’s called Fairy Floss; I’m glad to own it so I can say I have a product with such a cool name. I should also note that the formula does deliver as it is super shiny. I will definitely be buying more Model Co. gloss so I can try out different shades.

Model Co.: Eye Define Eye Pencil $18 in Black



I read the information card and it said the pencil was creamy with shea butter as a main ingredient. That was an understatement as the formula is practically butter incarnate. It is so moist and glides on so nice in a densely pigmented shade of pure darkness. I was only playing around with it before, but I can’t wait to actually try it out. I do fear it will smudge everywhere since it isn’t quick drying, but the card did say once it dried it would be smudge proof. Also, since it is Model Co. we re talking about here they included a sharpener which also duels as a cap for the pencil. Wow, this brand is just genius and I am so glad to finally have a product of their’s.

Befine Skin Care: Lip Serum



The serum is your average chapstick size  (10 ml) but in a squeeze tube.  So I thought it must be full sized since Lip Factory said it was worth $10. This is however a sample, and smaller then the sample size offered on the website, with the full bottle priced at $18. So I’m not sure it is worth ten bucks but I would pay that. This was a wonderful surprise in terms of a great product. I was excited to try the brand from what I’ve heard, worried that the main ingredient was beets and chamomile. Two things I don’t really like. Though it is super moisturizing (says it plumps but I don’t see it) and leaves my lips smooth. It also has no scent at all, and though I wish it had a sweet smell I am glad it doesn’t smell like beets. I put this right in my bathroom and apply it after my morning shower before my gloss (I like to let a moisturizer/balm sink in first) and right before I go to bed. This is amazing in its staying power because it is moist on your lips for almost over two hours. I get why this is marketed as a serum and not just a glossy chapstick/balm. It is special. I love it and need more.


This was a great box. I loved all the brands I got to try and I loved the type of products they selected. Everything will get put to good use, and if I can use it its a win. Overall my box was valued at $92 USD. Totally worth it for the price I paid. Even though there wasn’t a theme the box still went with the summer season. I liked that. Next month was supposed to be there Lip Only box which is the reason I subscribed. I so desire this box of specialty lip products., but it happens to be the 2 year anniversary so I have to wait another four months for it booo! Though I am excited for an anniversary box. I just think they shouldn’t make us wait another four months and have a lip box in August then pick up every four months after that.

Lastly here is my referral number as it would be appreciated if you used it (if you subscribed because of my review): 386680


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