Lip Monthly July Review 2014

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I just got my Lip Monthly box for July and OMG it is still July, so yay to that fast shipping. I was actually really surprised I got it because not an hour earlier I had sent an email to Lip Monthly’s customer service asking if my box had even shipped as I did not get a shipment notification. I know they don’t send out international tracking numbers but I still got a shipment notification last month, hence all the worrying this month when I never got one. Well, I guess I need to send another email letting them know it’s all good.

Now let me introduce the subscription service that is Lip Monthly: for $10 USD or $12.50 CND you get four lip products and a fun mix-up item to keep things funky. The mix-up item is usually a sample and some of the lip products might be samples but so far all the lip products have been full sized so you are really getting your monies worth. (Just Googled to see which is best monies or moneys and I have no clue still so I’ll just leave it since it seems both might be acceptable… but yeah it looks wrong doesn’t it?). Aside from the great deal I’m not sure if you’re getting much else out of the service (yet). Lip Monthly is new and just starting up with this box being their third overall and each box has been getting better then the last. This month only half the items in the box are discontinued. If you read my last Lip Monthly review though you would know I don’t mind a good product that is discontinued if it is still good. What really gets me about this service is their selection of products and colors. They don’t mix it up enough and it is boring. This makes the box mediocre and takes away a lot of the excitement that comes with getting such a box. Though as they are getting better and even stated on their info card for this months box that they will start monthly themes and making things overall  more exciting I am not going to cancel my subscription yet. Though I wasn’t too pleased with this months selection and if the price wasn’t so great I probably would have.

Now on to the review:


Appeal Cosmetics: Lipstick $22 in Red Light District



I want to get the positive stuff out first. This lipstick is a true red, creamy in formula and nicely opaque with an elegant package. I like the product except for the fact that it is a red lipstick which is the exact same product as the feature item in our last box. It is even the exact same shade of red. I think they are trying to make up for the cheap lipstick in last months box. But once more that removes the mystery and excitement of what they offer as they literally just gave us the same item twice. Appeal Cosmetics released a few lipsticks in other subscription boxes this month and maybe Lip Monthly didn’t get a choice over what color they got to distribute … still I think it would have been better to wait maybe until next month or something before putting this in a box. As I now have two of the same shades of red lipstick which I don’t wear often enough to warrant two I will dispose of the cheap one from last months box. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but now that I have it in a better quality product I don’t have any use for it and it is too cheap to re-gift. This might be another marketing fail as Lip Monthly just made their own product unnecessary for anyone who would have used it.

Stila: Lip Glaze Stick in Orange




The tip after I swatched it to show just how moist this crayon is

I have a lot to say about this one. Firstly, this item is not listed on the info card as it is the extra that is supposed to be sent out to those who did a YouTube review.  It is also a discontinued product (hence no price) as Stila has redesigned the lip glaze stick because of obvious inconveniences. These inconveniences being sharpening and loosing lots of product because this is a very moist lip crayon. I heard a trick is to freeze it first then sharpen and I will definitely be trying that. This lip crayon is so moist it is practically a gloss and that is what I like about it. I like how it is not sticky or goopey but creamy on the lips. The formula is a little sparkly with a subtle silver shimmer, and the color is more coral then orange. This item in terms of color and formula is the best item I got this month. I just loath that it needs to be sharpened.

I would also like to make a quick note that the item I was supposed to receive was a Revlon lip gloss in a mauve tone. I am glad not to have gotten it as it wasn’t really my shade and even though it might be more hassle I can be myself using this lip crayon much more. Lastly, Stila is a higher brand and one I haven’t tried before so I am also glad to get to test out one of their lip products. I hope to get more Stila even if it is discontinued in the future.

John Frieda: Straight Fixation Smoothing Creme Sample


This was the mix-up item for the month and I really like what they are doing with their mix-up items. It seems it can be just about anything so good on them for keeping the suspense their, but what is really great is that even for an item like last months (hand sanitizer) it’s useful. Since this is sort of like an extra item I don’t mind if it is cheap, or simple, I am just glad it’s useful. This in particular will be put to good use as I and trying out cremes of all kinds with my new pixie cut. I couldn’t really use these, or I just didn’t, with my longer hair so I am really enjoying all this experimentation. I haven’t tried this one out yet as I have three samples I am currently finishing up with, but I want to note it smells great with a soft floral scent.

City Color Cosmetics: Lip Lush Luscious Lip Crayon $2.99 in Charm



The crayon might look brown but it swatches mauve and on my lips it’s pretty much my lip color just frosted. It’s not that bad of a product except that it was made cheap. I fear the crayon will break as the twisty up thing on it is shoddy. Actually… that isn’t even the worst thing unfortunately. The crayon is called the Lip Lush as in creamy and moist, but the crayon is super dry and hard to apply because of it. If it was easier to apply then frozen wax, cheap packaging aside I think this would be a great product, even if it isn’t my favorite color (still very happy it isn’t actually just a brown crayon). Sadly though I don’t think it is actually usable.

City Color Cosmetics: Lip Balm $2.99 in Bright Red



This was actually my most anticipated item in my box and I wasn’t disappointed. Based on other reviews this item appeared pigmented, though slightly sheer as it isn’t quite a lipstick. That is how it is in real life, but nice and buttery in texture, and just a dream to apply to the lips. This is a steal for the price and I recommend you go buy one. In fact I will be going to buy one because…. the color I got is red. Just like the lipstick I got and the one before that. It isn’t a lipstick so it wears differently, more like a very pigmented tinted balm without the tint. Still the color is dark and actually looks more orange then the orange lip crayon from Stila. It swatches pinkish as you will notice below, and I would have loved a deep pink, cherry red for my lips, but that isn’t how it turned out. Hell, I would have taken a berry red or any other shade then the one I just got … twice. Though maybe I shouldn’t complain because it isn’t that expensive to buy another and the other color sent out was a mauve, which I really didn’t want.



It was an OK box. Still the same patterns as the last few boxes. The first box was almost all lip gloss, the second all lipstick, and this one was mostly all lip crayons and lipsticks. Just like my last review I’m saying they need to mix things up. I don’t mind getting lots of lip crayons, just not int he same box. If I had gotten the Revlon gloss it actually would have been a nice selection I guess, so they are getting better with their planning or whatever it is they do in preparation for a box. Still this is the third box and it is summer and the color scheme they seem to be sticking with is very bright orange-reds and nudes/mauves. Why? Is it because these colors are supposed to look good on everyone. Well, they rarely look good on anyone if it isn’t the right shade with the right outfit and the exactly right toned make-up or complexion. Once more I advise color selection -MIX IT UP! They do a great  mix-up item why can’t they get that they should follow that through with every item? It is starting to frustrate me and no mater how amazing the next box could be I won’t be happy unless I see different colors. As I mentioned above I am holding out to see what they got in store for us next month as I am intrigued and maybe have too high hopes as they have been on a steady upward slope even if it is a slow one.

What do you guys think of the colors and items selection by Lip Monthly for us? I’d love to know what other shades were sent out as well.

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