Ipsy MyGlam Bag August 2014 Review

Hello Readers ❤

I was away on vacation when this bag came out, so I saw no spoilers, and when I got home it was just waiting for me. I arrived home on the 12th of August so that was really fast shipping, even for Ipsy. (Still didn’t get this post out till really late so ignore publication date, I did get this bag in August).


This months theme was Beauty Schooled and I suppose the item they selected were meant to supply you with the basics. You know, like back to school shopping but instead of books we got beauty products. This months bag is ten times better then the pink monstrosity they sent out last month. And it wasn’t the pink – I like pink. It was just an ugly design that didn’t work. This works. It is a mature bag, but still fun. I approve, especially since the material is sturdy and water proof.


Now Ipsy is a $17.50 CND service, though you can get it for $10 in the states. They send out sample products with a few full sized ones.

Now on to the review:

Klorane: Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk Sample


This I am glad I got because I have never tried a dry shampoo before but would like too. The only thing is I keep forgetting I have it and I’m finding it hard to fit it into my morning routine, so I haven’t tried it yet. All I can say is I wished I had gotten this in last months bag because I could really have used it on my trip. I was really roughing it, and the worst part was the dust of BC getting stuck in my oily hair, and the river being too cold to stay in long enough to wash it out (and the fact that you weren’t allowed to have soap in the river anyway so…). When you start feeling grubby you just start not to care, but having this probably would have made it easier to feel civil and pretty for when we had to dress up.

Jersey Shore Sun: Mongongo Anti-Aging Lip Conditioner $5.50 in Green Orange and Ginger


I don’t like ginger so I didn’t think I would like this, but it was actually really nice. It’s citrus with a hint of ginger, though not overpowering. Part of the nice-ness was the fact that it was different. The balm itself is moisturizing but not greasy, and I really enjoyed using it. It’s organic to boot so yay. Otherwise it is just a lip balm so not much else to say.

Dr. Brandt: Pores No More Pore Refiner Sample


I had gotten a packet sample of this from Sephora and really liked it. So I am really happy with this to put it mildly (I was ecstatic to find this in my bag). The Sephora sample of course is really just a one time thing (I hate packets), so now I can really try out this product, see if it works for me and then I might pay full price for a full sized one. I don’t usually wear face powders, or foundation, but if I did a primer would be my thing. I liked this one because it was smooth, and just hid blemishes but left my face natural.

J. Cat Beauty: Flying Solo Eye Shadow $3 in  Half Naked




This was my favorite item this month. OMG this is pigmented and the packaging! Ok, first lets talk color. Half Naked is supposed to be a neutral shade, and it has peach tones to match with a natural glowing skin complexion, which I am liking more then if it had been a brown toned base. I use this for highlighting, and as a primer for deeper shades. It is great. What is even greater is the awesome packaging. You open the compact and it has the shadow pan, then you can lift that and under it is a mirror! And a mini brush! I am in love with this design. Honestly even if the shadow wasn’t great I might have got more so the convenience. I love that the shadow formula is also top notch so now I won’t feel guilty buying more.

Urban Decay: Perversion Mascara Sample




This I was surprised to like as much as I did. This is actually a really good lengthening mascara, but what I usually go for a thickening so I won’t buy a full sized one, though I am enjoying this. First I love that it is a sample. A full sized mascara would just take way too long to get through, and it isn’t really something I need dozens off. The packaging is sleek and stylish, and cute because it is mini. The only thing is the brush is a little too thick for the opening it needs to go into when closing the tube, so whatever mascara is left on the brush after application sort of gets wasted and pushed up into the top of the cap. This also sort of makes it gross and clumpy at the opening. Though I think that it’s just because it’s a sample size and something is askew with the dimensions.


I loved this months bag ten times more then last month. Last month I really only got an eye shadow out of it, as I gave away a few items, and the ones I kept weren’t that awesome (hand cream, and an acne solution …yay?) and the bag itself was fugly. This time everything was useful, and I got to try some new things, and the bag is nice. I am satisfied. If Ipsy can  keep this up, I will be a happy camper.


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