Ipsy MyGlam Bag July 2014 Review

Hello Readers ❤

Time for my July Ipsy review!


Ipsy is a sample subscription service for about $10 USD or $17 CND. You do also get some full sized products. Overall a good deal, and a fun surprise in the mail. You can customize this bag via IpsyMatch so out of all the items for the month you get the five most suited for you based on your preferences. This is my second bag but I got to say this IpsyMatch really works. It isn’t a miracle worker and I think some people have way too high expectations for this but they need to remember it’s just a computer program. But for a program I think they got me down pretty well, as even if it isn’t my favorite item I only got items that I could use, where a preference and I didn’t get items I had placed lower on my match test.

This month the theme was Sensationally Sun Kissed and the products selected were to help us enjoy the sun and look good in it. The bag is supposed to match and it is summery but…. I’m going to be harsh here- it’s ugly. I mean really ugly. Just not my thing I guess. Firstly, the shade is neon which works in some cases but not here on this design. My main problem is with the design: it is cheap material just sewn together with no lining (and this type of material needs lining). The little “frills” are childish and not very classy (or cute which is what I think it wants to be) at all. Sorry folks but I don’t like this bag, especially after getting what was probably the best bag in Ipsy history last month. The bag is really just the cherry on top and it’s the products that count, but I am disappointed with this and won’t be using it.

Well on to the review:


Pur-lisse:  SPF 30 Sunscreen Pur-protect Essential Daily Moisturizer Sample


It’s sunscreen not much else to say. I don’t mind getting it as I will use it, and I feel lucky that I don’t get as much sunscreen samples as those who have many subscription box subscriptions. I guess this is supposed to be like a super nice sunscreen but I don’t see how it’s different from others, but because it is moisturizing and for sensitive skin I plan on keeping it in my purse for my face. If I feel bold maybe I will try that trick of mixing it in with my foundation.

Pixi: Tinted Brilliance Balm in Pretty Pink Sample


I sort of feel cheated with this. Don’t get me wrong I am super glad I got to try my first Pixi product and I am so glad it is a lip product but… I had too high hopes. When I read that the tinted balm left your lips with a unique tint based on your pH levels of your lips I was like WHAT! and just beyond excited to get this. I actually tested it out before I snapped a picture, so that’s why no close up so you don’t see my lip smudges. Well, I wasted so many hours not eating as I waited for a unique tint and… that was only for the other color they offered, not every shade in the collection. So I feel I missed out but I do really like this shade, and I had hoped to get it actually. I also like the sample size for this as I find I take forever to work my way through a chubby.

On the product itself, it is very long lasting in color, but I don’t think it leaves a strong stain. Which I don’t mind in this color, but it is a lip stain… so yeah. It is also moisturizing while on the lips.

Models Own: Nail Polish $5 in Red Sea Splash


I have tons and oodles of nail polish. I also have a friends birthday around the corner so I’m gifting this. I would love to try a Models Own polish but since this color isn’t my thing my much more creative friend will have more fun with this glitter top coat/ tint.

Clear Clinic Laboratories: Vanished Clear Spot Treatment Sample


I’m keeping this in my purse for those I-feel-a-motherfucking-hugeass-pimple-coming-on moments. I used to have bad acne so I have tried many products and this one is useful in a sample to just have to apply, but otherwise the formula doesn’t hold up for full time use. It has too much alcohol and dries out your skin. One dab won’t but multiple uses will.

bareMinerals: Ready Eyeshadow 2.0 in The Inspiration Sample



I was so excited when my reveal showed I would be getting this. I much prefer pressed shadows to cream ones. Also I love the color selection Ipsy gave out. The Inspiration is a umbrella name for the two shadows inside which are named  Muse (light pink) and Passion (plum). All the bareMinerals shadow compacts have an umbrella name to give you an idea of what to expect and then lovely shades to match that theme with their own fun names. I think this is a genius idea and loved reading through all the other name combinations. I also found some cool color combinations I might try out. Well, probably will as I liked this eyeshadow formula. It is pigmented, easy to blend and vibrant in color.

I also want to note that I thought this was a full sized sample, but after looking closer it seems it is a sample as the full sized compact it slightly larger and has a small brush in it. Still this is a great sample size, and I don’t mind not having a brush as when there is more then one color, I won’t use the brush it comes with as I don’t like mixing colors on one brush when I can’t wash it (which is hard to do with the little foam eye shadow brushes).


This was an okay bag.  The bag itself was childish and I won’t use it. Still out of some of the other items sent out I am happy with what I got overall. Especially when it came to shadow style and lip tint color. I am hoping next month is better though. If it is also mediocre I’m not sure if the subscription is worth it.

PS. This was posted very late, so ignore the publication date as it is the July Ipsy bag, and I got it in July.


3 thoughts on “Ipsy MyGlam Bag July 2014 Review

    • It actually didn’t really work at all. The alcohol content was higher then I thought and it just dries out your skin. When I comes to acne I get what your saying because I also still get those random breakouts. However, aside from face wash I just go to the dermatologist. I find these acne treatment are no more functional then a diet pill. It’s all a scam.

      • Oh no that’s a shame. Yes a lot of products are scams. I was put on to Accutane last year from the dermo. It’s the only thing that helped clear most my acne but a lot of side effects to be considered.

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