Lip Factory Inc. August 2014 Box Review

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Time for another Lip Factory Inc box review. Yay! Seriously though I was beyond excited to see what they would do after their anniversary box. Lip Factory wouldn’t let us down after getting us all excited last month so they had to keep the ball rolling meaning this month the box was going to be great too. And it is hard to follow-up a special box with extra items that were all extra cool, but I don’t think they disappointed. Though I was disappointed with one aspect of the box. The lip gloss… so booo! on that because that is what I was looking forward to most of all. Still a great box overall and I can’t wait to show you what I got.


First a bit about the service: Lip Factory sends out subscription boxes for $22 USD, I pay $30 CND with shipping but the overall value of the items they send out for you to try is on average $55. So that is a deal. Especially for someone like me – unfamiliar with the make-up world – as I get sent cool brands I never even knew about to try out, and make-up items I probably wouldn’t be bold enough to buy on my own. There are a lot of make-up services out there for this reason of giving people variety and letting them break out of there comfort zone. I like Lip Factory best as the products and brands they send out are reasonable in price if I want to buy them myself, they have great brands on rotation and it’s a nice selection of high and low end make-up. Not trying to point fingers but I can’t really see me ever getting boxes like Glossy Box or Wantable Make-Up because they send out more high end brand make-up and I still like playing around with fun brands. This box is really good for experimenting and it just suits my style I guess. Also they have a lips only box (no I will not ever shut up about this) every four months. I can’t wait for a lip only box, and the next one will be in November…. seriously the suspense is killing me and yes I am counting down the days.

Well on to the review. Drum roll ….. this months products are:

Medusa’s Make-Up: Stick it! Eye Primer $8



This felt a little sticky in application ( I just used my finger and smudged it on my lid) but it held the shadow nicely and lasted all day. I still want to try it out with a shadow that has lots of fall out, as the one I used didn’t, but I think I like this item. Honestly, I am just glad to get a Medusa’s Make-Up product. I really like the company. Like the eye primer is all vegan, great right? Also I think they are very creative with their products which is important for a brand. Maybe it’s just good marketing but they got my vote. Hope to see more Medusa’s Make-Up in Lip Factory’s future.

LaSplash Cosmetics: Lip Gloss $9 in Tantalizing 


This was a disappointing item. When I first saw that we would be getting an LaSplash lip gloss I knew it wasn’t going to be high quality but I thought it would still be decent. The formula is too sticky and dry for proper application though. The color is nice, but the pigmentation comes out weird on the lips making it blotchy. Overall just a cheap gloss. I will say though that the scent, vanilla mint, is an interesting combination and quite nice.

LaSplash Cosmetics: Mineral Blush $15 in Pink Treasure



Different lighting and a more accurate representation of the blushes true color

I didn’t like the gloss but I sure do love the blush. This is my first loose powder blush though I don’t really see any differences from a pressed blush. I will say though because the powder is loose you get more on the brush easier which might not be a good thing because this blush is pigmented- which is a great thing. Seriously with one dip of the brush I knew I had too much, and after applying that one dip to both cheeks and blending it out I still looked like a clown. First try a fail, but after reapplying and getting it right I looked great. The blush has gold shimmer in it which I am loving for the fall time which has started early here (no lie it is full blown Autumn and we actually had snow 3 days ago but thank God the sun came back out). The pink isn’t too dark / bright and very rosy so when applied right it stands out but not too much. The powder is fine, but creamy to the touch. Overall just loving it, and wanting to wear it everywhere.

Pink Powder Parlor: Lipstick $10 in #720



Can you see my nail? The glitter over the green polish is Feedback

Ok this is going to be a longer one…. First people were upset with this item as it came without the Pink Powder Parlor logo on the lipstick tube and thought it shifty. I mean I read a blog were it was just plain trashed for that reason. Why? That is such a waste. Especially since Lip Factory let us know after that the reason it didn’t have the logo or a name for the color we got is because it is a part of the new collection (also why it wasn’t on the website). It’s probably hard for a smaller company to supply such large stock for a sub. box and I think they didn’t go for the logo because it was the brand new product that was important and getting it to us. After all Lip Factory does the advertising and its not that we didn’t know where it came from? All I can say is that the people who jumped to conclusions and made accusations are too strung out. You just got a perfectly good lipstick so why complain.

Ok, now secondly, the product review. I didn’t like it. LoL (I’m seriously laughing in real life just thinking how you react to this). I know I just said don’t complain so I’ll try not to. It’s just that the formula isn’t really working with the color they sent out. It is super creamy, which I love, and pigmented, which I love, and a true baby doll pink which isn’t milky, which I love! But the color is a paler shade of pink which shows flaws and the creaminess is the kind that shows flaws … so I just get all the lipstick in the cracks of my lips and it looks horrible, even on good moisturized days. I have tried but I just can’t get this lipstick to work for me, and with winter coming I don’t think  I would use this shade anyway. So I’ll put it away until spring and try again.

Don’t get me wrong I love that I got a lipstick and I loved learning about this new brand. Just this one lipstick didn’t work out. I still plan on looking into Pink Powder Parlor though as I  am intrigued by what they do and stand for. They are a cosmetics company of only pink make-up. They want to reinvent pink for the modern women. I am into that, and the lipstick was of great quality, so I can’t wait to try something else out by them.

Cult Nails: Nail Lacquer $12 in Feedback


First it took me a while to find the name of the polish I got. Why don’t they have it on the bottle? But I got Feedback which isn’t just one of the polishes sent out that wasn’t on sale (some were full priced and very new, while other older polishes were on sale at 60%) but it is also a limited edition polish. I’m wowed that Cult Nails would give out such an amazing selection of colors and polish styles to a subscription box, and thankful for my Lip Factory subscription for giving me this awesome polish. Honestly I was a little disappointed at first when I saw I got a glitter polish which isn’t really my thing. I got over that quick because it was nail polish and at least I didn’t have anything like it. All the glitter polishes I have are small dot glitter. Feedback is a large chunky glitter. I was also glad to not get an awful color. Though after using it that same night I fell in love. This polish is great. I have used it in three manicures in the last month and just love the effect each time. I would also like to point out that for a glitter polish it isn’t that difficult to clean up in the removal process so yay to that nice formula. This is my first Cult Nails polish and it’s not that I didn’t want one, I just haven’t gotten around to trying them out yet. This sealed the deal: I’m going to buy more for sure.

Red Cherry Lashes: False Eyelashes $2.50 in #110


This is another controversial item in this months box and I get why, because I am one of those people who just won’t use these. First I don’t think putting glue on your eyes is smart, and secondly I just can’t get them on. I know how, but something in my brain refuses to let my hand stick falsies on my eyelid line. So I always have that awkward gap … and well you know what I mean. However, these are very nice false lashes made with 100% human hair, and this is a popular brand. So as an item I don’t have a problem with them, and I don’t think Lip Factory is wrong sending them out as I’m sure just as there is the half who own’t use them, there is a half who will and loves falsies too. I know it can be frustrating when you have items you won’t use piling up and you feel like your money is being wasted but I don’t think Lip Factory sends out enough falsies that they put that much of a dent in the joy of your box.

I think a lot of people are poo-hooing on these because they have declared they don’t want them in their Lip Factory profiles. However … maybe 2 months back Lip Factory sent out an email stating they no longer customize boxes to that extent and the comment section is for things like color preferences / pigmentation issues and this is only if they have multiple colors available for an item in that month. For example I use the comments section stating that I prefer darker pigmented lip gloss after my Model Co. Fairy Floss came and was pretty much clear on my pigmented lips. Since, I have been getting darker shades of gloss if they offer variety. What I’m getting at is, from blogs I’ve read I think people have forgotten this, or didn’t get the memo, and are upset thinking Lip Factory gave them something they asked not to receive. Though Lip Factory will no longer send you a different item in place of one you don’t desire. Everyone gets the same boxes now, as far as I know.

So I probably won’t use them, especially since I need to go out and buy glue (why don’t they come with glue?) but I like to think I will try. I am also honestly happy with the style I got as I think they are quite pretty but also functional.


A few things didn’t work out for me, but I still really liked this box because the things I could use are very very useful. I like the eye shadow primer in particular for its practicality and the fact that you don’t really see items like that being sent out. The blush was great and so was the nail polish, and both items are being used lots so I can’t complain that a few aren’t being used. Even though I might not use the lashes they are still really nice which is nice that they are there for me when I want to play with them. I’m not giving up on the lipstick so the only bust is the lip gloss. Still once more missing out on the lip love, so I hope next month Lip Monthly blows us away with a great lip product. This months box was valued at $56.50 so once more got my monies worth and am overall happy… now the jitters start while I wait for the next box. *Sigh* A month never seemed so long.

Don’t you just hate the time between boxes? Or does it just fly by for you?

Lastly here is my referral number as it would be appreciated if you used it (if you subscribed because of my review): 386680. Also you get 50 points if you use a referral code when registering towards your future shop purchases.

P.S. Yes this is posted late, so ignore the publication date as I got this box in August.

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