Lip Factory Inc. July 2014 Box Review

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First I want to say this is a really late post. I was away on a vacations and my boxes have piled up. I even have posts I needed to finish and publish before I left… but didn’t get to. So sorry but I’m working on overdrive now. Please ignore the publication date as this did indeed arrive in July.

This month was Lip Factory’s 2nd anniversary and thus we got extra products for a super fun box. We also got a coupon for beautyADDICTS which is a nice treat.


Lip Factory Inc is a make-up subscription service that focus’s on the lips as they always include lip products (I find usually two items out of a box of six are for the lips). Every four months they have a box of only lip products which is why I signed up and was hoping to get this month. It has been delayed for the anniversary box though, which is fine as you still get a special box, but I think that instead of waiting four months the August box should be the lip only box and pick up every four months from there. Otherwise the anniversary box will continue to interfere every year. I paid $30 CND to get the box out here, but if you are in the US the box is $22 USD. A very good price still as the overall price of the box is always double – usually more.

On to reviewing the products:

beautyADDICTS: Sweet Lips Lip Gloss $17 in Ginger & Lilac 



How my Lilac came leaked out of the bottle. P.S. I did check the Ginger before gifting it, and it didn’t look like this.

Now these glosses are $17 each and we got two full sized products. Yay right? The only thing is I didn’t like the colors. I have too many copper shades from Lip Monthly to put up with another one, and I can’t wear the purple-mauve with my complexion. My plan was to gift both of these to a friend of mine but I will only be sending her the Ginger as upon closer examination the Lilac exploded / leaked out of the tube. So to the garbage it went, but I did try it out first which allows me to give a better review as I wasn’t going to try them if I gifted both. Still it is sad that it was trashed – I hate wastefulness, but there was no need for it to be clutter either.

After trying it out I found the formula is a little heavy, but it isn’t sticky just very moisturizing. It contains Jojoba butter which explains that. I actually really liked having it on my lips just the color looked worse then I predicted. If not I would have kept it.

We also got a coupon from beautyADDICTS so I might use my 20% off to buy a shade that would work for me. Below is the coupon so feel free to use it too before it expires.


J. Cats Beauty: Wonder Lip Paint $4.99 in WLP103 Always Late, Rabbit!


I have not tried this out yet. Honestly, it’s because I am a little afraid of it. It comes out just like real paint and you need a brush to apply. First, the paint thing makes me worry about the smell. Second, I don’t know if I want to use a brush as it’s too much work in my book. Third, not sure if the color is wearable for my complexion. I’m probably just over thinking it, and that does make me sad as this is a super fun item and I want to have fun with it. The images on the J. Cats website looks awesome so I’m thinking I will try it out.

Ecolips: Tinted Fair Trade Lip Balm $4.50 in Eco Tints Rose Quartz


This was one of the best products this month. I am so happy  to have discovered this brand as they not only make all natural lip balms but they also have a make your own balm creation. You can choose all the ingredients and customize the packaging. I ordered a second Eco Tint in Sugar Plum and made three of my own creations in order to try different ingredient combinations to see how they compared to each other. I will do a separate review on them.

My Eco Tints Rose Quartz is amazing in formula. The pigmentation is better then I had thought it would be. A really good product overall. Rose Quartz is like my lips but frosted so that is why I also ordered a deeper shaded tint (Sugar Plum). Which works just as swell if you wanted to know. The only thing is that the whole collection uses a mint flavor oil. I hate mint, love the tingle effect, but it is usually too overpowering of a scent for me. I think they should have different scents for the different shades, like the Red could be cherry, or Plum a berry. I will say though the mint scent fades pretty quick after application so that is why I wear them. If you also have a problem with mint I would still recommend these as they aren’t too bad.

Palladio Beauty: Brow Fix Eyebrow Fixing Pencil $6


This is a clear wax pencil that is supposed to help mold unruly brow hairs. I don’t have any and I don’t like the stickiness it leaves behind so I really have no use for a product like this. I don’t think any of my friends do either. So I will try and trade this, maybe as an Ipsy trade. Not much else I can say as I did not try the product out as I now I would not be keeping it.

Palladio Beauty: Shadow & Liner Herbal Crayon $6 in Raspberry



First I really liked this when I tried it out and have been using it regularly since. I was surprised though to find out that it has natural ingredients and is for sensitive eyes. It is also supposed to have a cooling effect but I didn’t notice that. It has a long lasting effect and is nicely pigmented. The shade Raspberry is a rustic deep red, and it looks amazing but not overpowering as it isn’t bright red but more earthy.  It is very useful and I am happy to have it as it really turned me on to pencil shadows. I hope we get more items like this.

Pari Beauty Eye Shadow $11 in ES 16 Birthday Suit




This is also one of my most used items from this box. I got a neutral shade that works great as a base and a highlight. It is pigmented and long lasting, with a nice creamy texture. I really like this shadow. I also really like the packaging. The shadow compact isn’t just your regular circular compact, it’s a bit ovular on the bottom with a flat base. This makes it interesting though doesn’t make it awkward as it still fits nicely with the rest of my singles in my organizer. I also really like holding it in my palm as it fits perfectly because of the shape of the base.

OFRA Cosmetics Lip Liner $13 in Glacier Pink



First the shade I got is perfect for everything I needed these last few weeks of summer. I have been really into lip liners with pigmented glosses (mostly my Nyx Butter Glosses) and have various pink shaded lip liners but not one like this. It really came in handy when I wanted that darker shade for August. Glacier Pink is a frosted pink, but with some rosy undertones that keep it a little neutral on the lips so it doesn’t have that true pink pop. As I didn’t want too much attention drawn to my lip liner since I use it for accent colors and shade effects this was perfect. The product itself doesn’t really stand out from your average lip liner. All I an say is it wasn’t too dry when applying on the lips and that was nice as it aided with the color pay off. Not super creamy, or creamy at all, it was just not dry enough for a nice smooth application. I mention this as I find some traditional pencil style lip liners are very dry. Though it goes both ways as the new ones in the plastic roll up tubes can be too moist and more lip color then you want. So maybe this is a really nice pencil as it is very well balanced.


This was a nice box. I got a lot of useful products that I have been getting my pennies worth out of for sure. Still the disappointment of not getting a lip only box somehow makes this feel not as awesome a box as it is. Especially since the best items in the box were eye shadow, and the main lip products (the glosses and paint) weren’t really my thing, I feel like I’m lacking in the lip love. Don’t get me wrong still a great box – I’m just being knit-picky. Which I shouldn’t be as the overall value of this box was $80 and a real good deal for what I paid.

How was your box? Do you subscribe?

Lastly here is my referral number as it would be appreciated if you used it (if you subscribed because of my review): 386680. Also you get 50 points if you use a referral code when registering towards your future shop purchases.

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