Lip Monthly August 2014 Review

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I am really excited for this review. It might have seemed like I was being harsh on Lip Monthly, and maybe I was, I’m just a critical person I suppose.  Though that didn’t mean I disliked the subscription, I was just not in love with it. I am saying this so that it doesn’t seem out of nowhere when you read this post because I have made my decision about Lip Monthly and … I like them.


Lip Monthly is a $10 USD or as I pay $12.50 CND subscription service that just sends out lip products (and they throw in a random non-lip product every month to keep things fresh). They are new and had a bumpy start, with a lot of slander to how they do business along the way, but I think they’ve done well since despite the set backs as they have completely remodeled how they do business, while catering to customers complaining 24/7 (or so it seems) and still getting us our boxes every month with them getting better each month too.

I’m serious. People complained about discontinued products so they said no more and stopped that. People wanted different packaging to they changed that (though honestly that one really did need to get fixed asap). The latest one is that people are complaining about the payment plan so they changed that up now. Before the fee would be taken out on the day you registered. This meant the boxes get shipped at the beginning of the month or whenever but the payment was different for everyone. I guess people were complaining that they were being charged for two boxes before the first one came. Well that’s just how it works. When I had a payment on the 27th of July for my August box I might not have received the July one yet but it was on it’s way. Lip Factory has that payment plan and I’m sure many other services do to. I don’t think it’s an inconvenience and I don’t see how changing the plan was necessary but they did it to keep us happy so good on them. Just so you know the new plan works like Ipsy were everyone gets a payment around the 1st and then boxes are shipped out.

Ways they have been getting better are: not discontinued products, themed boxes, some higher end brands, really listening to what the customer wants and this month they added a bag instead of a box. It really is all this that makes me want to stick with them. Also the bag helped get me off the fence and here is why: it helped me to understand the box fully. What kept me on the fence was that I wasn’t really sure where they were going as a company and now I get it after this month. The bag helped because it let me see there target audience. I kept expecting Lip Factory levels of products because it was a lip box, but I really should have been thinking Ipsy ballpark as it is the same price range so of course the same level of products. The bag helped me pin that down and let me know what to expect product wise.


Also I love this bag! The design is cute and functional, the size is just right, the zipper is of good quality, and the material is a sturdy leather like plastic. Oh, it is also waterproof so yay! I hope the quality of these bags don’t degrade to Ipsy standard (I know Ipsy have some pretty bags, but the quality isn’t always there).

Now that I understand everything, which I guess is all I wanted – to pin them to something – I’m fine with it. I feel confident enough to say I like  this service and I’m sticking with, even if they mix things up again. I can just see them going far with their perseverance and I will be proud to say I was with them from the beginning.

Well that was long, but I think needed. So on to the review:

Pix! by Petra: Lid Last Shadow Pen $18 in Gilded Mink


Super awesome mix up item this month. I am loving my eye shadow pen that I got and using it lots. The color is so pretty, gold but muted with dusty tones, and it is way long lasting. I can barely get the thing off with make-up remover once it dries on. Seriously though it last all day, and it’s a great color for making those nude tones I’m loving more flashy. This is just a good one on Lip Monthly’s part. The only thing is I’m not sure if I want to go buy more since they are $18 but I so do want to.

I also want to point out this was my first shadow pen type item and I had expected it to be a twist up. When it wasn’t I didn’t know what I would do when it needed sharpening, but apparently you can sharpen the plastic just like any other crayon. That just amazes me.

Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics: Liquid Glass Lip Gloss $5 in Idyllic




I didn’t think I would like this gloss very much as it seemed childish, but it is actually really nice. It smells sweet and has a nice color. Idyllic is a frosted icy pink with a darker sparkle making the color seemed a bit marbled, but it just adds depth on the lips. It is super tiny and cute and just the right size for a purse. It also feels moist on the lips for quite awhile – the moisturizer component actually outlast the color. The applicator is a regular doe foot and does the job, though it feels a little smaller then your regular doe foot.

City Color Cosmetics: Magic Balm $3





Everyone thought this was another discontinued item but… it’s actually an item that hasn’t been released yet and we get to try it first. This balm is pH balanced which means it goes on sheer but the color changes based on your biology so it is unique for everyone. This was so fun to test out and the effects surprising. My lips turned a very deep fuchsia pink, and quite quickly too. I wasn’t expecting that, and wow did it make this worth it. The staying power of the color lasts as long as it is on your lips and moist. As soon as the balm start to dry or sink into the skin the color fades. But that took about an hour and I would say it was a good pH balm as it wasn’t patchy which I heard is a regular negative to these. Patchy as in your lips pH can differ in spots so you get a spot a different color then the rest of your lips. I didn’t get that so I’m glad.

City Color Cosmetics: Lip Balm $3 in Ultra Pink


Now lots of people complained we got too much City Color, especially since one was a repeat item. Well that is because apparently people liked the balm from last month and wanted more, and Lip Monthly was just giving us what we wanted. Some people then say who would want more of this cheap brand… well I did. I loved my balm from last month and I actually was going to go buy it in pink. Now I don’t have to! You have no idea how much I am loving this item. (I’m probably still going to buy more). This item might be in cheap packaging because the company is still small but the product is great. Just like last months balm this is super pigmented, buttery and long lasting in color. If you don’t like this item it’s because you didn’t try it out because you are a lipstick snob. I can understand that people can get a bad product, but not to the length the message boards seem to say. All those people complaining just didn’t want to give a good product a chance because of how it looked. All I can say is shame on you, you missed out, and that’s fine because that means more for me.

City Color Cosmetics: Be Matte Lipstick $5 in Phoebe  


Now this is a pretty color. This lipstick is crazy pigmented and super long lasting, partly because of the matte formula which stay put on your lips. If you didn’t eat for a day this lipstick would be exactly the same in the night as it was when you applied it in the morning. However, this would be my least favorite item this month because it is a matte lipstick which I don’t really like. I have dry lips and I don’t really bother with a product if it isn’t moisturizing. That is why I don’t have much experience with matte lipsticks, so I can’t really judge if the formula is average or above or below. All I know is it is very dry, which makes it difficult to apply but once you get the color build up, like I mentioned, it isn’t going anywhere. I really like the color, and I think it works because it is matte (I can’t make up my mind can I?). So I’m still going to use this, I just have to put a gloss over top so it doesn’t feel like my lips are made of bark. The Jesse’s Girl gloss works nicely for this as it doesn’t taint the color of the lipstick and stays moist for a long time.



I loved it. Lip Monthly is coming along nicely and like I said before I am off the fence and in love. Usually I just mention how you get a good deal, but now I can show you (another perk about this great box not having any samples or discontinued items). I paid $12.50 CND and this box is worth $34 USD. (Now just so you know the exchange difference isn’t that big so I’m telling you this was a steal of a deal). I got products I love and will use forever and ever and re-buy. I can’t wait for next month.

P.S. Yes this was posted late but I did get it in August with no shipping delays, the lateness was on my part so ignore the publication date.


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