Wantable Intimates September 2014 Box Review

Hello Readers ❤

Today I have another review, but a new box. I gave Wantable a try. I hadn’t before despite wanting too because it is a more expensive box, and honestly I didn’t think I would get a good selection because the last months box was so amazing for sure the next would just be OK. Well after missing out on all the awesome summer boxes with the most beautiful nighties because surely the next month won’t have those I decided to just get a box. I did not subscribe but instead just bought one box which is a nice option of Wantable. For one box you pay $40 USD or it lowers to $36 USD for a subscription. I however with shipping and taxes (yes that was included in the price) paid $52 CND for one box without the subscription. I almost didn’t get it though because of all the extra fee’s. I’m thinking I might subscribe though because I loved my box and I found out you can return what you don’t like (of course because I am in Canada I need to pay my own shipping fee’s but that works for me as the overall refund will be worth it at this price).


Now why the Intimates box? (Wantable also offers a make-up box, a jewelry box, and now a fitness box coming soon to your homes in October). First I’m too picky to enjoy the jewelry box, and I downright just don’t like the selection of make-up they send out or the brands, plus I have my amazing Lip Factory subscription for all my make-up needs. I went with intimates because this is were Wantable does it right. Most lingerie services work like a blank-of-the-month club service, and I actually did try one out which is my next review (get excited!). However, the prices are still crazy high in those kinds of service and the selection is limited and the fun of a surprise is gone because you make the picks and you usually only get one item…. So yeah for a lingerie box Wantable gives you what most don’t and the variety of products is vast. Also personal as everything you get is based on your preferences.

Before you can order a Wantable box you need to take their quiz which is just a ratings system of the items they offer. You won’t get items you dislike, and them you get items based on what they offer and usually items more loved will be what they pick first and work down the list. So you get items you love more, but still get items you just like. I actually really like this system of customization.


Though there is a flaw, because I said I liked bright and I got brights. However, the socks I got are too bright and I would have preferred a neutral sock. But you can use this to your advantage. A month I want socks, I’ll just change my preferences to liking neutrals and items that I would also want in neutral.

Now, Wantable shipped really quick, but not as quick as the website says it will. Still I got my box three days ago (mid-month isn’t bad for shipping). I have pretty much worn all the items I got since and loved them. So let me show you my pretties:

Honeydew: Lace Trimmed Mesh Bralette $22 Size S in Burgundy 



This was the first item I pulled out and my first thought was “I told you so” (said it to myself). I knew I was going to get one of these bralettes after seeing from other reviews that it was a popular item sent out this month. And I am glad for it. I haven’t have one before, but I have recently been expanding my lounge wardrobe and this seems comfy, fun and still sexy. Let me tell you that the boyfriend likes. I actually set my profile to get one even though the paper doesn’t show it on my list of preferences (under soft bra’s you get two options: bralettes and bandeaus. I loved bralettes and disliked badeaus).

My bralette is a pretty burgundy and I am in love with the color and style which suits it so well. The beige lace compliments it better then if it had been black and really makes it more of a fall item then winter color scheme wise. The only thing is I had stated I needed an XS and they gave me a S. They explained on the card that they bumped up the size as this item ran small though I’m not sure how I feel about that. It does fit, but I think the XS would have fit like a glove. And if it hadn’t fit I’m sure Wantable would have sent me a new size but it wouldn’t have been the eat same item I now loved, and I would have had to pay for return shipping. It worked out this time but I am worried about future items not working out and the hassle it will lead to.

Lastly, the stitching is sturdy and I like that a lot. Just wanted to mention that as I think it is important and something I look for in all my clothes. Oh, it also has adjustable straps, that I think that is expected on this kind of item.

Honeydew: Sunkiss me Tank $24 Size S in Coral



Another Honeydew item but I am not complaining. I love this tank! I can wear it as a lounge item or under other shirts. I also like that it is flirty. The only thing when wearing it out is the neckline is cut low, the lace trim is also cut low, so it shows your bra that you wear underneath a bit. Nothing too serious if it is a nude bra. I am also loving the color I got. The other color option sent out was a black cami and I love my fun coral shaded one because it makes for better lounge wear and I have tons of black camisoles.

Again I’m going to complain about sizing. The small fits but I just prefer a more snug bodycon style camisole fit. First that isn’t really the style here so that isn’t that big a deal and it really does fit as the chest and underarm area are great. Though I’m sure I said XS and this time they didn’t mention sizing up. That one might have been on me so I’m going to go see if I said S by accident.

The only downside to this item is the stitching. It isn’t that good, and I already have a loose stitch along the hem. Nothing I can’t fix but it is agitating that I have to mend an item after wearing it once.

Ozone Socks: Checkerboard Knee High Socks $20 One Size in Blue


Ozone is a brand I have seen Wantable send out many times and if I got a sock I wanted an Ozone sock. They all come in great patterns, and look so soft and comfy. Also it’s a $20 sock, which I will never buy for myself, so getting one in a box would be great. But… I am disappointed. There is the bright pattern which isn’t really my thing when it comes to socks, but also a knee high sock! I can’t hide that. If it had been a regular sock, I would have still worm it as no one really see’s if you have bright or non-matching socks with jeans and whatever shoes you wear. I do in fact do that a lot as I have gotten really bright socks in bulk for things like Christmas. Though this pattern in a knee sock won’t work for me. I have a friend who can rock them though so she will get them.

What is most disappointing isn’t the pattern though because that one was my mistake as I should have made it a reference to not get bright socks. What really got me down is the fact that the quality of the sock isn’t worth $20. It isn’t that soft, or extra stretchy or anything. In fact the material is sort of rough which would be fine if it was wool but it isn’t. It is still a nice and good sturdily stitched sock, but just not what I was expecting from an Ozone sock.

Bootights: Calliope Ankle $32 Size A in Blue/Green 



This was also an item I knew I would be getting as I had loved tights in my preferences. I was also excited to try this cool invention, and I did the next day after getting these… and it works! The socks on your feet are super comfy, keep your feet warm, and you get a wicked design to boot (no pun intended).  The stitching connecting the tights and sock part is sturdy and though I initially had worries they are no more. I think this is a dandy idea and I will probably buy another pair. Especially since they are on sale right now! Run and see for yourself!

The sale probably means Wantable didn’t pay full price though. And it is also most definitely why I can’t find my style of tights on the website. Still after looking around I’m sure I got the Calliope style which is on the site, just mine are cut off socks at the ankle and the one on the site is a midcalf sock (another great option for winter and higher boots).

The zig-zag diamond pattern in blue and green won me over, but only because I had a dress in the same blue to wear with it. Otherwise I think I would have been bummed. I really like them now, but at first I was like “Everyone else got a neutral color and I get THIS!” thinking I had no use for it. But I am glad it pushed me outside my comfort zone and I plan on finding more thins to wear with it. Still the next pair I buy will be a neutral one for varieties sake.


I loved my first Wantable box. Didn’t get a cute nightie which was surprisingly still being sent out even with it being September, but I loved my flirty cami and bralette so I’m a happy camper. The bootights is just useful and fun, and these are the kind of items you want to be getting so hell yes to those. The socks didn’t work out but I plan on fixing my profile. Now the only thing is price. $52 CND on top of my other boxes is a lot for me. If I subscribe it will be less but it is still a big strain on a poor student. I got a value of $98 USD and that is a great deal. But I don’t know what I’m going to do yet. I might just buy a box if the month looks good. Or I might drop another subscription to make room for this one. The problem is that if I dropped say Ipsy, which is only a $17.50 CND service I’m still pumping out more then I want and missing out on Ipsy… and there is no way I want to cancel Lip Factory. Choices suck….

What do you think I should do? Any suggestions?



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