Ipsy MyGlam Bag September 2014 Review

Hello Readers ❤

I’ve been slacking on my reviews because as soon as I got all caught up from my vacation school started getting hard core and all my boxes came in at once and I’m totally making excuses. I didn’t forget though, just going at my own pace.

Now with Ipsy I’ve been thinking of canceling in order to free up funds to go towards other boxes. It’s not that I don’t like the service because I am always happy with the items I get as it is rare I get a useless item. Though I have to point out that I am dissappointed with the quality of bags Ipsy sends out. I find them cheap and sometimes the designs are just too out there and just plain ugly and not very functional at all. Now that Lip Monthly is sending out better quality bags with cuter, classier designs (I’m talking about the gorgeous October bag they dropped on us) I don’t see the point to Ipsy anymore. So I have cancelled and my last review will be the October bag.

For now though lets focus on this Glam bag because I really liked it, the selection of products where just great, and everything I got was perfect for me. The design for this bag wasn’t too bad either. I think I have to say that this is my best bag yet based on what I got and how much I am using out of it on a daily basis.


This months theme was Street Style and I’m not too sure what that meant in terms of product but the bag looked cool, if still of a cheap material. I am actually going to gift this bag to my sister as she likes her make-up more then I do and she could use an extra purse handy make-up bag – or so I think. She’s getting it either way.

The products selected for me by IpsyMatch were:

Crown Brush: Infinity Shadow / Crease Dual Brush


This I love and have been using everyday for the crease brush. The shadow brush end is nice too it’s just I have a go to shadow brush and this one is a little big for my lids. The brush is super soft and made with synthetic fibers which I prefer. It is a great quality brush and I am glad to know of a brand to buy more brushes because counting this one I have three. The brushes on the Crown Brush website are also all reasonably priced. I however could not find this brush (Or any dual brush), so I assume it is a sample they created for sub boxes or giving away. So no price for this but I’m glad I got it. Go Ipsy!

Hikari Cosmetics: Lipstick $13 in Cabernet 



Out of the other lip product being sent out I wanted this one and got it – yay! Honestly for fall I am craving deep reds and this fulfilled by need. I am wearing it lots, usually with a gloss over top since it is actually matte. The matte qualities does leave the lipstick a little dry in application but I don’t mind because I love this color. It is a nice cranberry blood shade and just great for fall.

I will point out though that the packaging is cheap. More then once I have opened my make-up bag to find the tube open since the cap doesn’t stay on well. Now I just keep it in the box it came in so I don’t end up with a mess.

Briogeo: Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask Sample


 This sample is 1 fl Oz but you really don’t need much so you can get a few uses out of it. My short hair helps it to last, and I plan on having some left over even in December when I travel home for Christmas, but you could get 3-5 good uses even with long hair. So I think it’s a great sample size as you can actually sample the product. I also love that the pot it comes in is not cheap at all and a mini version of the regular size in every way. I am actually amazed at everything they got on this little pot; The lovely logo, an explanation of what the company stands for, how the mask works and how to use it best and of course the ingredients. I plan on buying more and keeping this little pot to refill and use for travel.

I will be purchasing this full size and maybe trying out some other product by Briogeo and here is why: I love the formula. I mean I love the scent, the packaging. the all natural ingredients… but this hair mask is beyond amazing.

I don’t usually have dry hair problems but I do (and this is probably why I don’t) condition regularly and usually use a leave in conditioner too. I have tried hair masks before but always opted for the leave in conditioner because I usually find a mask is too nourishing for already healthy hair and all that extra good stuff just sits and leaves my hair greasy. Most formula’s are also heavy or so I find and I don’t like that. This is not heavy at all, nor oily in any way and it’s effects can be noticed as I rinse and last for three days after. These effect being less frizz, more shine, softness and stronger hair overall. I also find that I drop less hair, as I usually shed like a persian cat due to a chemical shampoo I used as a kid (given to me by a doctor for something I didn’t actually have … *rolls eyes*).

So I am very happy with this and would recommend you try it.

Nyx Cosmetics: Hot Singles Eye Shadow $5 in Innocent 



I love Nyx, love eye shadow and I love the shade I got. I had wanted to get the green color available as I hoped to play with green tones this fall, but Innocent is working out nicely for me. The website says it is a beige with pink sheen and I can see that in it, but I also think it has some gold tones or shimmer in it. I am using it religiously as a base with all my other metal toned eye shadows like gold, bronze and rusty red which is making me just fabulous for the fall season.

So it’s Nyx which means good formula, great pigmentation and staying power that stays. What more can I say? Big points for Ipsy as this is something you can’t go wrong with.

Pacifica Beauty: Natural Water-Proof Eye Pencil Sample in Fringe


This is the only item that was mediocre for me and I am fine with that. I feel like I needed this to balance out everything else amazing that I got. Now I like the brand – what they stand for and their products. It’s just that I have too much eyeliner pencils from other boxes. So I am gifting this. Therefor I did not try it out and not too much I can say. I will say though that it is a nice travel size, a pretty mocha brown shade and it came sealed which I appreciate.


My best month yet with Ipsy. I really got my monies worth. Though as I do pay $17.50 CND after shipping and taxes the overall value of an Ipsy bag doesn’t always double for me like with other services and that is something I took into consideration when canceling.

Well I hope you enjoyed the review and I hope you got a great bag too if you also subscribe.



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