Lip Factory Inc. August 2014 Box Review

Hello Readers ❤ Time for another Lip Factory Inc box review. Yay! Seriously though I was beyond excited to see what they would do after their anniversary box. Lip Factory wouldn’t let us down after getting us all excited last … Continue reading

Lip Factory Inc. July 2014 Box Review

Hello Readers ❤ First I want to say this is a really late post. I was away on a vacations and my boxes have piled up. I even have posts I needed to finish and publish before I left… but … Continue reading

Lip Factory Inc. June 2014 Box Review

Hello Readers ❤ I got my Lip Factory box for June a few days ago. I got my last box late as well, but that was a shipping delay. This just seems like when I should expect my box normally … Continue reading