Salutations and What To Expect

Hello readers ❤

Though I doubt I have any yet as this is the first post. I just want to lay out what I plan to do with this blog.

Mostly I plan on expressing various opinions about my various interests and hobbies. I will talk about literature, fashion and beauty. I also want this to be my online tarot journal. So lots of variety and randomness.

I also hope to review some subscription boxes, especially since that’s why I thought I should get a blog. I enjoy other review blogs and as I am an opinionated individual I thought why not?  and took the plunge. I have been getting Julep for a few months now, but I recently subscribed to a few more subscription boxes and hope to test oodles out in the future. So look forward to Lip Factory, ipsy, and Lip Monthly (I love my lip products, can you tell?) along with Julep.

When it comes to subscription boxes I can’t guarantee how long I might keep one as I am testing waters, but I hope to find a perfect box, because isn’t getting a surprise in the mail the best kind? And I hope my reviews will aid others in that search.

Well, that’s about it. First post sign off.